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Submissions advice for Jades' FFE Site

So, you want to submit to my site then? Great! But first, please read these simple guidelines.

Legal Stuff

Copyright in all submitted work remains that of the creator, and acknowledgement will be given where appropriate (below or next to stuff on a page, in the description if it's on the downloads section).

Simple information is not covered by this unless I include your e-mail verbatim (in other words copy and paste).

Editorial control

I reserve the right to change your submission for whatever reason. In practice, this might happen for spelling mistakes, corrections or so I can split it up into sections.

How to Submit stuff

Normal text

Normal text submissions can be sent to the usual address (ffe@jades.org) if it's a normal text only message. If your submission is really large (i.e. bigger than about 15k) then please send it as an attached file to the binaries address.

To make the process easier, I have created a form for you to fill in with a description of what you want to send. The link for this appears at the bottom of these guidelines.


Binaries (i.e. anything which is attached to an e-mail) should be sent to filesin@jades.org so that I can download the whole message. If they are sent to any other address, I cannot guarantee that I'll get them properly.

When you send an e-mail to the files account, please also send a mail without the files attached to the normal e-mail address so I know you've sent me something and what you've sent. A form to create one of these mails will be done soon.

Please compress any files you send. I can read most compression formats, but Zip is the most convenient.

Submit your info!

Now that you've read the guidelines, you can proceed to the next stage! Click on the link which is most appropriate to what you are going to send.

Normal TextBinary/File Submission

Any comments? Please e-mail ffe@jades.org

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