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3255 And All That

SPOILER ALERT! The events related on this page take place after the end of the main plot, so if you haven't actually 'completed' the game, you should not read any further if you don't want the surprises spoilt.

This page springs from my continued playing of my Commander Razor saved state after getting the Thargoid ship, and my reading in Universal Scientist that the Thargoids have finally arrived! Presumably, the Thargoids needed the two or so years after your delivery of the mycoid vaccine to get ready to return to human space. This page will provide a record of my findings.

For those who may be unfamiliar with FFE, the boxes with black text in are verbatim transcriptions of Journal articles which I observed in-game. There are five Journals which publish monthly articles reporting on events in the galaxy, sometimes these articles cover the activities of the player. They all have their differing viewpoints, as summarised below.

The boxes with blue text contain my own thoughts on the articles.

Universal Scientist - 24th May 3255


Academics from Institutes, Academies and Universities in all three galactic powers have been invited to an Inter- species Convention on the alien spaceship currently docked at Canopus [location was where I was, probably a bug]. Human speakers have been invited on a number of topics as widely divergent as linguistic development and trans-species eco- terrorism. Alien lectures will be delivered on, amongst other topics: hexagonal aesthetics and Species Interchange: A new look at the Paradigm Shift in experimental psychology.

Short communications will be presented between the main topics and static presentations are invited for the lecture area. Summaries and synopses should be available for scrutiny by 24-May-3255. Those wishing to attend should contact the local Academic Council, Institutional Legislate or State Provost, as applicable.

So, the waiting is over - they've finally turned up! One would suspect that the actual location was an Alliance world, as they employed me to contact the Thargoids. The other journals emitted a stony silence on the issue.

The names of the courses are actually randomly selected from a list. One of the possibilities is "mythical spacecraft up to and including the Mirage 1."

Universal Scientist - Late June 3255


The Thargoids have requested permission to send a scientific delegation to investigate the ice world Merlin. Apparently, their researchers believe that there may be similarities between the sub-polar ecosystem of Merlin and certain local ecosystems which have evolved on their ammonia-based planets.

The temperature gradients involved in each case is different but some of the core principles are similar. Arrangements are being made to accommodate the mother ship and attendants in a variation of the local space station and human scientists from the Sirocco Institute will be in attendance to help answer whatever questions the visitors may have and to provide samples from some of the less accessible sites.

The visit is planned for the winter months when the conditions are coldest and the ice is at its most stable.

Fishing will be suspended for the duration of the visit to avoid possible offence to the Visitors.

So far, it would seem that the Thargoids' Second Coming is purely scientific in nature. The fact that Ross 154 is a Federation system seems to indicate that the Feds are at peace with the Thargoids. The position of the Empire is unknown at this time. Still nothing in the other journals.

Universal Scientist - Late July 3255


Medical reports from the medical technicians of the Imperial Navy assigned to the Alliance world of Soholia report a further outbreak of the Sohalian Fever affecting the settlers in the region.

Symptoms are specific and are related to slow onset deterioration of the cardiovascular system. Affected individuals show progressive lethargy, pallor of the mucous membranes and chalky skin tones in those of Caucasian human descent and reduced exercise tolerance, especially in low oxygen atmospheres.

Affected individuals have been taken on board the fleet hospital ship for exhaustive medical examination with full localised cardiac output measurements and internal cardioscopy via the ship-board conscious scan mechanisms.

All cardiac parameters are showing progressive deterioration and to date there is no obvious cause. This in turn means that no prophylactic treatment is available and there is no method of determining those at highest risk.

Surgical technicians are advocating full cardiopulmonary transplant as the only viable treatment modality. On-board primate stocks are high and there is a good availability of hearts for transplant although the International Conventions on Species Rights is being invoked by local settlers who are unwilling to accept organs from other species.

As an interim, affected individuals are being maintained within a high oxygen environment and are not being required to exercise. Alternative work options are being offered to minimise risk to those with the most severe clinical signs.

Rumours abound in the region as to the cause of the disease with most credence being given to the release of a genetically engineered virus either by design or accident from the Unknown [my Thargoid ship] registered in the name of Razor thought to have been in the vicinity recently.

The Imperial Naval spokes beings have so far failed to comment on the rumours.

I deny all knowledge... I hadn't been there since 24th Feb 3250, after the end of the first outbreak when I was bringing in essential medical supplies. I decided to check the system for the chance of another medicine run, but there were no notices asking for med supplies like in 3250. Perhaps US are still pissed off that I killed Innitu... Again, the other journals didn't give a damn.

The next entries appear out of sequence. I can't remember if they're from a different commander or not, so I'll have to check...

Universal Scientist - 15th May 3255

New solution for research redundancy

Following the destruction of the INRA research base by an unknown pilot in what has now become known as the Regional Diplomatic Incident, a number of research scientists have become available for 'Research Locums'. This concept, based on the array of temporary consultancies available in other fields is being proposed as the solution to the current under-employment of specialists in such fields of bio-mechanics, genetic manipulation and fungal morphology. With the current upsurge in 'alternate species interests,' there is an equivalent dearth of consultants in ethno-biology and related spheres. The suggestion, therefore, is that on-the-job training should be be given to those scientists whose previous research careers have been prematurely terminated allowing them to fill the existing gaps in the market.

Advisors from the Thargoids have further offered that those involved could be given 'intensive training courses' on Thargoid technology, philosophy and history to allow them fully to integrate in the new mixed species society.

Hmm... The Incident referred to seems to be the Argent's Quest series, and the base referred to is probably the Hotice one where the mycoid antidote came from... I wondered what happened to all those scientists I put out of work ;-)

Imperial Herald - 30th July 3255

Ambassador dies in tragic accident

His Most Exalted Majesty, Excellency Hengist Duval, 15th Emperor of the Galaxy, Defender of the Truth, Hawk of Peace and Upholder of the Forty Two Justly Unbreakable Laws, was yesterday resting after a miraculous escape from almost certain death.

A canister of lethal neuro-toxin had been smuggled in to the Imperial Audience room in the Imperial Palace on Capitol and a timing device on the pressure valve had been set to coincide with the visit of the subservient ambassador from the Corporate State of Sol. The Emperor himself noticed the device and ordered its investigation and immediate destruction by a hand-picked team from the leaders of the Palace Imperial Guard. The Ambassador, sadly, was overcome by the fumes and died before resuscitation could be properly initiated.

Those members of the Imperial Guard detachment to have survived the decommissioning of the canister left Achenar today to serve in Sheehanworld (Exbeur) and a newly decorated Command will take their place.

This one is a little worrying for an Imperial commander such as myself. I have no idea who sponsored the hit attempt, but they must have had some clout. The fact I was smuggling nerve gas into neighbouring Facece has nothing to do with it...

Federal Times - 5th August 3255

Disenfranchised register discontent

The new Federation law withdrawing the vote to those earning less than fifty percent of the median wage has been introduced throughout the Federation's area of responsibility. This has not gone without some slight resistance.

Sheehanworld (Exbeur) which is now once more responding to Federal communications, was the scene of a more than usually vigorous expression of dissent. Police Captain Eric Blastinteen, who was in charge of the negotiations which brought the difficulties to an end, was modest when he spoke to our reporter.

"It was nothing" he said.

We cannot agree with the captain. His dedication and application of judiciously deployed armour did much to contain the problem. We trust that some means can be found to express the Federation's gratitude.

This one's important. While not directly connected with the Thargoids, it shows both the Federation severely restricting civil rights (which for the Federation is something of a shock) and also armed insurrection within the Federation.

Imperial Herald - 13th August 3255

Emperor to ban performers

His most exalted Excellency Hengist Duval, Friend on the victims of War, Hammer of the causes of War, Upholder of the Scales of Peace, Ally to the Aliens, yesterday issued an edict through the offices of the Pan Systemic Imperial Councils forbidding any future performances of gratuitous juggling within the range of Imperial jurisdiction until further notice. The ruling follows an unfortunate incident that has recently come to light involving the newly retired ex-Crown Prince Harald and a number of minor articles of clothing.

The Emperor (May Light forever shine on His Countenance) sat in State in a meeting of the High Legislate and was much disturbed by the reports of street performers and patchwork circuses in the outer regions. It is His Excellency's esteemed belief that upright and hard working Imperial citizens would prefer to spend their free time learning the full history of our past encounters with our new alien allies.

Accordingly, local Civic Guard leaders have been advised of the new changes in the new standard leisure curriculum and will be provided with suitable teaching material as soon as the latest budgetary estimates have been processed.

This is admittedly almost totally irrelevant, but notice how the Emperor is referred to as being the 'Ally to the Aliens'....

More to follow??
Where is this lot going? Could this result in a resumption of hostilities? Hopefully, I'll be bringing you more info as I find it.
Journal text (black) ©1995 Frontier Developments, used with permission.
All other text (yellow and blue) © Graham Thurlwell.

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