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Submissions Form

This form is part of the process for submitting files to Jades' FFE Site. Please fill in the appropriate details which describe what you want to send, and click the submit button. The form goes to my main FFE address and will alert me to the fact that there's something waiting to be examined. After you've done the form, you can send the actual data to the files address.

Note: By clicking the 'Submit' button you confirm that you have read and understood the submissions guidelines outlined on the previous page.

Note that once you click the submit button nothing will appear to happen. This is normal. Once I work out how to do it, the form will automatically tell you the message has been sent, and pop up the e-mail window to send the file to filesin@jades.org

Type of submission

Commander Files
Other Files


Once you've sent the form, click HERE to pop up the e-mail window to send the file.

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