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The Missions


These missions are the 'hand-coded' missions, and all relate to the plot of the game, particularly to the stories in the Journals. The mission descriptions are in the order in which they appear and each one tells you what date it first becomes available, which journal carries hints first, where you need to be to get the mission, which BBS message to look out for and what you need to do. It is unlikely that you will be able to do all of these missions in one go, as the timings overlap in certain cases, but that shouldn't stop you trying. Two of the missions are mutually exclusive - you can do one or the other, not both.

One major thing you should be aware of is that you must get a combat rating of Competent before October 3252 if you want to complete all of the missions in the game. The best way to do this is spend time visiting dangerous systems like Riedquat (-3,-6) or Canopus (6,-6) and doing a spot of bounty hunting. You should have plenty of time between the other missions to rack up the 128 kills you require.

Note that whether or not the player takes a mission and regardless of the outcome the plot of the game develops in exactly the same way (the program assumes that someone else has done the mission if the player hasn't). The only exception to this would have been the endgame, which was intended to allow the player to make a crucial choice that could change the outcome of the game. Sadly that wasn't implemented due to the premature release, but more on that later...

Wiccan Ware Race

When: January - February 3250
News: All journals except Universal Scientist
Where: Old Curie, Gateway (-1,4)
Prerequisites: None
Reward: 1,010 Credits and good Reputation.

This mission involves taking a Dreamware recording by popular music group Jjagged Bbanner from Gateway to Alioth. While your first instinct will be to do this straight away, don't! It's very unlikely that you'll be able to get to Alioth in time as the Saker needs two jumps to get there with the default Class 1 drive. Do the Soholia Medicine Relief run until you can afford a Class 2 Military Drive, and then do the mission. You will still be able to win, as the program only takes into account your travel time, rather than the actual date!

Soholia Medicine Relief

When: January - February 3250
News: Universal Scientist
Where: Soholia (-1,5)
Prerequisites: None
Reward: 2,000 Credits per ton & good reputation.

This is not a mission as such, but is a good way of raising the money to make the next few missions easier to complete. You are informed in Universal Scientist that there is a plague in Soholia (-1,5) and it urgently needs medical supplies.

Buy medicines - Titican (-2,5), Alioth (0,4) and Gateway (-1,4) are Major Exporters and are nearby - and hyperspace to Soholia. Sell them to 'medical supplies wanted' (NOT a message where a price is offered), you will get a very good profit and your reputation will be improved. Doing this you can earn a lot of money quickly, and get the rosy glow of having helped people in need...

Transport 'Duval Artefact'

When: January - February 3250
News: None before the mission
Where: Everywhere except Empire
Prerequisites: None
Reward: 6,000 Credits

This mission involves taking a statue known as the Duval Artefact from Checkovport in Achenar (1,-4) to Scott Town in Beta Hydri (0,-2). Upon landing at Checkovport, you are informed that the statue has been loaded and you should take off for Beta Hydri. Upon arrival at Beta Hydri you receive your reward.

If you do this straight away, the timing for the Achenar to Beta Hydri leg is very tight. Your best bet is to do the Soholia Run until you can afford a Class 2 Military Drive, and set off for Achenar no later than 24th Feb. The rest of the mission will then be much easier. You will be collecting the artefact on the 14th of March, and you should fast-forward during that day until you are told to take off. You need to be at Scott Town by 4th April.

Upon reading the papers later you will be surprised to learn that the Artefact had been stolen - the Empire might be upset at you for doing this!

Assassinate Dentara Rast

When: From late August 3250 (hit takes place early December)
News: Frontier News (report on Tiliala Treaty talks at Exioce)
Where: Anywhere
BBS Message: Friends of the Valhallan Democratic Peace Party wish to arrange a prolonged holiday...
Prerequisites: None?
Reward: 50,000 Credits, a lot of adverse press and being the subject of a manhunt!

There is a civil war taking place in the system of Tiliala (-4,-1), with the Dictator and leader of the Valhallan Democratic Peace Party, Augustus Checkin, being under threat from the Valhallan Liberation Front. 'Friends' of the ruling party put out a contract on the leader of the Valhallan Liberation Army (the armed wing of the VLF), Dentara Rast.

Over the next few months, reports continue on the progress of the conflict, and it looks like there might be the possibility of a peace deal. One of the rebel leaders meets with an 'accident,' and Dentara Rast swears vengeance. Hostilities increase once more. By now, the Great Powers are taking an interest, in no small part due to the chance discovery of Tantalum (an exceptionally rare and valuable metal) on the planet. By the time that you have to carry out the contract, it is looking like there may be a peace deal on the table.

Unlike other assassinations, you must destroy the ship Rast is travelling on before it hyperspaces. If you don't, she is assumed to have escaped - even if you blow the ship away after it emerges from hyperspace. You will fail the mission. In plot terms, I think the flight was supposed to be an internal one to the planet Democracy in the same system, the journals certainly suggest this.

Due to your actions, hostilities increase once more, with the rebels refusing to talk peace until the assassin (you) is brought to justice. You hit just about every one of the Journals, with your name, ship details and location being printed over the next few months. All of the authorities put out a contract on you, so you may want to sell your ship...

While all of this dodging the authorities may become a little annoying, they eventually get sick of looking for you, and all claim credit for your death. You may find this news particularly amusing if you kept your ship, as you will still be alive!

Assassinate Dr. Joreb Innitu

When: February 3251 (hit takes place at the end of the month)
News: Universal Scientist
Where: Any Imperial Navy / Federal Military BBS
BBS Message: Associates of Dr. Joreb Innitu... wish him to find the gift of silence...
Prerequisites: None?
Reward: 1,500 Credits and a medal from the force who you took the mission from

You will have read a number of articles in Universal Scientist about the Thargoids, some of which are based on the work of renowned alien expert Doctor Joreb Innitu who is mentioned in the context of a new theory about the war between Human and Thargoid. The Federal and Imperial militaries (INRA?) are worried about him getting too close to the truth, so put out the contract on him.

The actual assassination takes place at Fort Grant in Beta Hydri (0,-2). You have to kill him before the ship he's on hyperspaces, otherwise he is assumed to have escaped. Upon returning to the system you got the contract from, you will get your money and a medal. Since you got this mission from a military BBS, it will count as your first successful assassination, so you get the relevant medal from the power you got the mission from. In the case of the Empire, you get the Golden Spike. If you're working for the Federal Military, you get a Purple Omega. Unlike most assassination missions, you get your reward as soon as you return to the system you got the contract from - you don't need to dock.

The Two Hitchhikers

When: February 3251
News: None
Where: Anywhere
BBS Message: PASSAGE REQUIRED for two hitchhikers...
Prerequisites: Two passenger cabins
Reward: 6,000 Credits

Two hitchhikers need to be transported to Solo's Rock in Urtize, (3,-4). They are probably Federal Spies, so you may annoy the Empire by doing this. Your contract is to deliver them to Urtize (Moore Starport), by the 25th of March 3251. You then have to pick them up from Urtize and drop them off at Singh (on the planet Finn) at Edethex (3,-3) by the 17th of June 3251. You have to do this in the dates they specify, otherwise your passengers will get annoyed and blow you up. When they board your ship to go to Edethex, you should take off very quickly and go straight there.

The Imperial Herald claims that Imperial forces have apprehended the hitchhikers before your return to Urtize, but your passengers have either managed to escape, or the Herald was lying. Following your delivery of the hitchhikers to Edethex, the Federal Times reports that they are safe.

Assassinate the Assassin of Dentara Rast

When: March 3251 (hit takes place April 3251)
News: Every journal except Universal Scientist
Where: Anywhere
BBS Message: BOUNTY OFFERED for the assassin of the Valhallan Liberation Army leader Dentara Rast
Alternative BBS Message: WANTED Dead or Alive...
Prerequisites: Not being the assassin of Dentara Rast!
Reward: 50,000 Credits

Following the unfortunate demise of the Valhallan Liberation Army leader Dentara Rast, the big powers put out a contract on the assassin responsible in order to persuade the VLA to return to peace talks. Tactics are exactly the same as for the Rast contract. Doing this mission may enhance your standing with the major authorities.

In case you are the Assassin of Dentara Rast, and are trying to work out the logistics of killing yourself while still being in a position to receive your reward, you should note that the authorities are not stupid. They do notice what you do.

The Visitor to Thompson's Planet

When: June 3251
News: None (On offer at the same time as 'Destroy Rockforth Legal Academy')
Where: Anywhere?
Prerequisites: Passenger cabin
Reward: 6,000 Credits

This mission seems to be connected to the Rockforth mission, and is, in terms of the method of doing it, just a standard passenger run. You should land at any starport on the surface of Thompson's Planet in Ackwada (-5,-3) to complete this mission.

Destroy Rockforth Legal Academy

When: June 3251 (takes place 16th July 3251)
News: Imperial Herald, Federal Times, RIG
Where: Federation, Empire,
Prerequisites: None?
Reward: 10,000 Credits

You will see press reports of a big case in Ackwada (-5,-3) involving the family of Dien D'Writ who are being sued for libel by the Rockforth Corporation. Apparently, D'Writ was assassinated by the Rockforth Corp, and his family tried to bring Rockforth to trial for murder. However, the Rockforths buy up a complete legal establishment, and move it to Ackwada. They then rewrite Independent Systems Law to enable them to sue the D'Writs for libel. Since the D'Writs have nowhere near the financial resources of the huge Corporation, they put out a contract to destroy the legal academy.

This mission is fairly difficult, as the Academy is defended with a large number of fighters. Therefore, it is recommended that you fly very low to stay safe. When you are in range, fire a number of missiles at the Academy (ideally, you should use the most explosive ones you can get), then run away very quickly. It is best to save before firing, as people have had problems with destroying the target properly.

Deliver Junior's Friend

When: June 3251
News: RIG
Where: Anywhere
Prerequisites: Passenger cabin
Reward: 2,000 Credits

There is a dolphin called Junior in the jungle world of Fawaol (2,-3), who is lonely. RIG decide that what Junior needs is another dolphin to be his friend, so put out this contract.

Another one of those simple passenger runs, you must go to Liaququ (2,-2) and land at Fort Cousens. You will be informed that the dolphin has been loaded, and you should then go to Fawaol and land at Edmonds.

Transport the 5 Furies

When: March 3252
News: Imperial Herald
Where: Federation & Alliance only
BBS Message: CULTURALLY INCLINED transporter required...
Prerequisites: Passenger cabin
Reward: 2000 credits

Another mission involving taking artefacts from the Empire, this one seems to be above-board. The main thing you should know is that the times given in the "When does this need to be done?" part of the mission briefing on the BBS are wrong, and you should do the mission as soon as you receive the contract. You will need a passenger compartment to do this mission.

You should go to Fort O'Brien in Cemiess (-2,-2), where you will be informed that the statue has been loaded. Takeoff straight away, and travel to Epsilon Eridani (1,0), where you should land at Oliverport.

Rescue Stranded Hitchhiker

When: March 3252
News: Imperial Herald
Where: Federation only?
Prerequisites: Passenger cabin
Reward: 2000 Credits & a promotion from the Federation

There is a hitchhiker called Jan Thikka stranded in the Imperial system of Miargre (-8,-3), who gets into a spot of bother with the Imperial Guard. The Imperial Herald loudly denounces her as a Federation spy. The Federation are, understandably, very keen to have her returned to them and therefore put out a contract for someone to do the job.

The pickup from Miargre is at the starport of Camp Campbell on New America in Mid-August (the exact date seems to be random). The main thing to be aware of is that there is a bug where you sometimes are not recognised as having completed the mission. I've tested various methods of doing it and the most reliable is to stay out of Miargre until it's time to go to make the pickup - there are some trading opportunities in nearby systems but make sure you keep an eye on the time.

Commanders with military drives should be aware that Miargre is always out of stock of Military Fuel so make sure that you have taken enough with you to get back out again.

Once it's pickup day, keep an eye on your passenger cabin readout - Jan doesn't announce that she's boarded so as soon as a cabin becomes occupied she's arrived. Occasionally, she doesn't board straight away. If you've got halfway through the day and she still hasn't turned up, try taking off from the startport and landing next to it. Wait a little, then dock at Camp Campbell again and she should get in the cabin. Once Jan is aboard you should drop her off at the nearest Federal base, which is Wafaphi (-6,-3).

When you complete this mission, you will be thanked by the Federation, and they will raise your rank by one even if you haven't worked for the Federation before. You will later be praised in the Federal Times.

If you want to get to Alioth in time for Turner's Requiem (see next mission), you should be aware that the required journey is over a very long distance, some 75 light years as the crow flies. You may need to trade your ship in for something with a longer hyperspace range in order to get there in time. Last time I completed the Thikka mission, I was flying an Imperial Courier and had to exchange it for a Cobra Mark 3 with a Class 3 hyperdrive as it was the only way to get to Alioth before October.

Argent's Quest #1

When: 5th October 3252
News: Universal Scientist during August?
Where: Fortress Culloden, Alioth (0,4)
Prerequisites: Combat rating of Competent
Reward: Twice your current credits (up front) and the ship Argent's Quest

You must be rated as Competent to get this mission.

Following the death of Mic Turner, Universal Scientist will report that a Requiem will be held at Fortress Culloden, on the planet Argent's Claim in Alioth (0,4), on the 5th of October 3252. You should set off for Alioth, and arrive before that date. You can land at any of the starports at Argent's Claim, including New Rossyth and the Gotham Park orbital station.

When the message appears on the BBS, trade in your ship for the cheapest available (probably a Lifter), and donate 10,000 credits to the fund. You will be thanked and offered the chance to find out what happened to Mic Turner.

Accept the mission, and you will be given command of the super-ship Argent's Quest, and twice your credits (which is why you should sell your ship). You are told to set off to Pleione (32,32) which was the last system Mic Turner explored, and to photograph the remains of his ship and recover his flight recorder.

I strongly recommend that you save the game under a different filename at this point and keep it at as a backup in case you make a mistake later. Although there is no contract page generated by accepting the mission, getting back from Pleione any later than around the 15th of December 3252 is likely to result in you being ignored and not getting the next mission. For some reason, you never get a 'mission failed' message.

Pleione is protected by a military defence satellite, which had reported Mic Turner's position to INRA. Therefore, you will require a transmission jammer and nuclear missile. To get one, you should go to one of the superpowers' military BBS to get a 'classified' mission before going to Pleione. They'll give you what you need. As mentioned above, there's a time limit in this mission, so if it takes a long time to get the nuke, reload the backup save and try again. Military mission lists are randomly generated every time you enter a system.

On arrival in Pleione, you should use your current system map to find Pleione 4b, around which the various bits for this mission are orbiting. The first thing you should do is target the Military Defence satellite (MDS), which has a standard registration number, and is also very large. When you can see it, hit F5 to bring up the combat console and click on the satellite to set the combat target. Fire the nuclear missile, which you do by clicking on the nuke icon (a black and white diamond).

There seems to be a problem with launching missiles from the Quest, they blow up on launch. This problem can be solved by selecting level 4 time acceleration and then firing. Once the satellite is destroyed (you'll get a "target lost" message), you should next travel towards Turner's Quest.

When within 10 km of Turner's Quest, take a number of photographs from different angles, and then look for the Flight Recorder, which should be drifting nearby. You should scoop it into your cargo bay, if there isn't room then dump some radioactives. While in that area, you may want to scoop up the more valuable items of cargo which are also drifting nearby. Next stop, the Thargoid.

You don't really need to do this bit, but your employers may like the photos anyway. The Thargoid is labelled ????, and you should proceed in the same manner as with Turner's Quest. One reason to be in this area is the number of Alien Artefacts floating around near the dead Thargoid ship.

When you have finished, you should return to Alioth. You should receive a message congratulating you on your maiden voyage, and a request to dock at New Rossyth. If you've brought back the Flight Recorder, you will be congratulated, and offered 'Argent's Quest #2', otherwise you will be told off and offered...

The Red Square Flowers Mission

When: Early December 3252 (after you return from Pleione)
News: N/A
Where: New Rossyth, Alioth (0,4)
BBS Message: N/A
Prerequisites: Not having brought back Turner's Flight Recorder
Reward: Absolutely bugger all, but the Alliance will be happy...

Because you somehow managed to lose Turner's Flight Recorder, your employers are slightly annoyed but they offer you this mission. You are to go / return to Liaethfa (0,7) to pick up an Alliance agent (possibly the one responsible for getting Merion's message out).

Land at Werner Starport on Gold, and look at the BBS for a message which begins 'INTERGALACTIC FLORA AND FAUNA INC'. Answer the advert, and you will be in contact with the agent. Accept the contract, and then takeoff for Alioth very quickly, otherwise INRA will get you!

Once you get to Alioth, your employers thank you, and then you are offered....

Argent's Quest #2

When: December 3252, after you return from either Pleione or Liaethfa (exact date depends on result of #1)
News: N/A
Where: New Rossyth, Alioth (0,4)
BBS Message: N/A
Prerequisites: Having brought back Turner's Flight Recorder or completing the Red Square Flowers mission
Reward: None?

Note: This mission is accessed either by bringing back Mic Turner's Flight Recorder or returning from the 'Red Square Flowers' mission.

Your employers will tell you that Turner found a Thargoid Shuttle in the system of Polaris (0,76). They want you to go and investigate it. This time, they know about the MDS, so you have a transmission jammer and nuclear missile. You should have a lot of fuel for this, as you will find out later. Try selling the large plasma accelerator in Gateway (-1,4) and replacing it with the Small version.

Upon your arrival in Polaris, you will get the usual message about trespassing on military territory. This time, however, the satellite is orbiting a different planet to the shuttle, namely Polaris 3d. Once you have destroyed the satellite, select ???? from your navigation computer, and dock with the Thargoid Shuttle. You will notice that there are suddenly a lot of radar blips around you. A look at your system map reveals that you are now a long way from Polaris. Centring your map reveals that you are now in the unexplored system of Miackce (37,144).

Request launch permission, and you will see that the ships around you are Thargoids! Seasoned commanders who remember the Thargoids from the various incarnations of Elite 1 will now be attempting to ignore the impulse to blow the aliens away. Don't shoot, but increase time acceleration until you receive a message from the Thargoid commander to dock with their main ship. Select the top ???? on your navigation computer, and engage autopilot.

Once you have docked, you are greeted by the Thargoids. They tell you about their mycoid problem (which was hinted at in the journals and in the short stories), and ask you to help them by stealing the vaccine from an INRA store in Hotice (-3,-2). This is one of those 'offers you can't refuse,' since the Thargoids will blow you up to keep their weakness a secret, so you'll be doing this mission...

Thargoids' Mycoid Mission

When: After your landing at the Thargoids' main space station
News: N/A
Where: Thargoid Space Station, Miackce (37,144)
BBS Message: N/A
Prerequisites: None
Reward: A Thargoid ship of your own and loads of Alien Artefacts

The large amount of fuel you got before setting off for Polaris will now come in very handy! You are told about the INRA mycoid vaccine store in Hotice (-3,-2), and are given an MB4 to pick up the vaccine.

When you have finally arrived in Hotice, you should go to Hotice 1. Get within laser range of the dome, and blow it up with your plasma accelerator (there will be a bang and flames will come out of the building). Land next to the facility and deploy your MB4. It will collect some of the vaccine (check your cargo list), and you should recall the machine, and set off for Miackce.

Upon landing back at the Thargoid space station you will be thanked by the Thargoids. Wait a little, and you will be offered a Thargoid warship as a reward. You could decline their offer, but you'd have wasted your time, wouldn't you? The Thargoids tell you to go into time acceleration while they build your ship. When it is finished, they will thank you again. Launch, and set off for Alioth (0,4) to get your reward from your employers.

Once you arrive in Alioth, you will have to manually fly your ship to Gotham Park, which orbits Argent's Claim. The Thargoids didn't give you a navigation computer or an autopilot. They also neglect to fit atmospheric shielding, so unless you're very, very careful there's a high chance of you burning up on re-entry if you try to go direct to New Rossyth.

There is a bug in the game, where the Thargoids have given you some 65,000 (?) tons of Alien Items, and the cargo capacity of your ship is too large, and is therefore shown as a negative number. After a little while, the program notices this and drastically revises it downwards to a point where the Thargoid isn't much use. Sell all of the Alien Items, and buy every item of equipment, 1000 shield generators, lots of passenger cabins, military fuel and chaff. The space filled by all of this cannot be stolen by the program! In addition, this downwards revision only ever happens once so after you've saved the game you can then remove the surplus stuff and keep the cargo space.

Having equipped your Thargoid vessel to your tastes, leave Gotham Park, and land at New Rossyth. You will be thanked by the Alliance, and allowed to keep your ship.

Well is that it???

Unfortunately, that seems to be the case. All of the missions listed here have been done, and that only takes us up to early 3253. In addition, the Alliance refer to you being outlawed in the Empire and Federation, but this is not the case. There are many questions remaining:-

Some of these questions are looked at in '3255 And All That.'

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