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Last update: 10th January 2018
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Jades' First Encounters Site

Welcome to Jades' First Encounters Site, by Graham 'Jades' Thurlwell! This site aims to give you almost all of the FFE info you will probably ever need, such as hints on the missions, ship and equipment reviews, a nice guide to interesting (or otherwise) systems and plenty of general background of the game.

This page is for you, the FFE players, and depends on your support, so if you have any comments, by all means E-mail me. I welcome praise, (constructive) criticism or just about anything you fancy mailing me about since it helps to remind me that there are people reading the pages ;-) If the info you want isn't on this site, then give me a quick mail and I can tell you if I know the answer (but haven't uploaded that version of the site yet...) or genuinely don't know (but might know someone who does). Also, if you have any info on the game to tell me then let me know!

As always, you can look at the page What's new? for details of the things I've done recently.

Don't miss the Special Anniversary Feature! Musings on 20 Years of Running an FFE Site.


What's NEW on Jades' FFE Site??
The latest news on Jades' FFE Site!
What is Frontier: First Encounters?
Incorporating a Potted History of FFE
How to Get a Copy of...
Information on getting any version of Elite
The FAQ for Frontier: First Encounters. Read it!
Galactic Information Maps
Essential information on the FFE Galaxy, in graphical form.
Handy hints for getting by in the game.
The Missions
How and when to complete the hand coded missions.
The Broken Missions
The missions that you should have been able to do... What would have happened?
The Download Page
Just about all the downloads you could want:- FAQs, ships & more!
Trade Information
Useful trade routes
Ship Reviews UPDATED!
EVERY ship in FFE examined and rated (well, nearly...)
Ship Equipment
The tools for success! Every item of equipment reviewed
The Commander's Guide to the Galaxy
Your indispensable guide to where you should be going!
My Elite Commanders UPDATED!
What I've done in the Elites
Who's Who in FFE?
Everything you wanted to know about the people and organisations in FFE!
3255 and all that
The plot doesn't end in 3253! New developments in the FFE storyline.
Guidelines for Submissions to the Site
Information on how you can send stuff to be added to my FFE Site
Links to other FFE sites
Other places to go for FFE info (as if there's not enough here!!)
Contact Jades!
Information on contacting the author of this website
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