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The Panther Clipper

Panther Clipper Picture courtesy of 'Commander Schwempa'

Hull Mass: 400t
Mass (Fully Laden): 2500t
Internal Capacity (No Drive): 2100t
Retro Thruster Acceleration: 3 Earth G
Main Thruster Acceleration: 6 Earth G
Crew: 12
Gun Mountings: 4
Fuel Scoop: NO
Missile Pylons: 8
Hyperspace Ranges: Class 5: 4.22 Class 6: 6.08 Class 7: 8.28 Class 8: 13.69
Standard Drive: Class 8
Internal Capacity (With Class 8 Drive): 1400t
Typical Cost: 2,753,000
Designer:Gerege Federation Spaceworks
Manufacturer: Gupta Industrial Corporation
Inservice Date: 3185
Allegiance: Federation

This is one of the biggest ships around. There is enough space in this ship for a Large Plasma Accelerator and all of the equipment you could possibly need. This is perhaps the best trading ship, and you will quickly make a vast amount of money because of the huge amount of cargo this ship can carry.

If you're a trader, you'll find this ship fits your needs perfectly. It's a huge ship, and, providing you have enough shields fitted, almost completely safe. You only really need to worry about ships carrying beam lasers of 20MW or more. Several Panther pilots have been known to not bother shooting at small to medium sized ships, preferring to ram them instead. It's just as well it's safe, as it is too sluggish to be effective in combats.

Rating: ****

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