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The Eagle Mark 2

Eagle Mk 2

Hull Mass: 6t
Mass (Fully Laden): 28t
Internal Capacity (No Drive): 22t
Retro Thruster Acceleration: 4 Earth G
Main Thruster Acceleration: 28 Earth G
Crew: 1
Gun Mountings: 1
Fuel Scoop: NO
Missile Pylons: 2
Hyperspace Ranges: Class 1: 10.71 Class 2: 42.85
Standard Drive: Class 1
Internal Capacity (With Class 1 Drive): 12t
Typical Cost: 41,000
Designer: Federal Military Research Directorate
Manufacturer: Federal Military Shipyards
Inservice Date: 3183
Allegiance: Federation

The Eagle Mk 2 was designed by the Federation to be a successor to the popular Eagle Long Range Fighter, and was launched with great pomp and circumstance. However, it soon became clear that the designers had had an off-day, as the retro thrusters were ridiculously weak. Rumour has it that the project ran behind schedule, and the designers hadn't done the retro engines so put in some surplus main thrusters from the Lifter and hoped no-one would notice. This has been denied by the Federation.

Some particularly ambitious Eagle Mk 2 pilots developed a planetary-approach technique where they would flip their Eagles through 180 degrees and use their main thrusters as retros. Performed properly this could be quite impressive, however the alarming increase in impact craters and associated collateral damage around starports led to the eventual outlawing of this technique.

There is no real reason why you should buy this ship, as the 2 extra tons of cargo space do not compensate for the crap retros. Consider buying an Eagle Mk 3 instead.

Rating: *

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