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The Cobra Mk 3

Cobra Mk 3Picture courtesy of Dylan Smith

Hull Mass: 20t
Mass (Fully Laden): 100t
Internal Capacity (No Drive): 80t
Retro Thruster Acceleration: 7 Earth G
Main Thruster Acceleration: 20 Earth G
Crew: 1
Gun Mountings: 2
Fuel Scoop: YES
Missile Pylons: 4
Hyperspace Ranges: Class 1: 3.00 Class 2: 12.00 Class 3: 27.00
Standard Drive: Class 2
Internal Capacity (With Class 2 Drive): 55t
Typical Cost: 124,000
Designer: Cowell & MgRath Shipyards
Manufacturer: Faulcon deLacy
Inservice Date: 3100
Allegiance: Independent, Federation

One of the all-time classic ships, there was a time when all new pilots owned a Cobra Mk 3. The Mk 3 is quite a good combat ship, being both fast and manoeuvrable. It is also a reasonable trading ship, but, like others in its weight range, this is at the expense of combat power.

The Cobra Mk 3 is ideal for deliveries, but is a little lightweight for assassinations. If your target manages to get some shots in, then you could be in trouble. Bombing and photography missions will be very risky.

Rating: ***

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