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The Boa

Boa Picture courtesy of 'Commander Schwempa'

Hull Mass: 200t
Mass (Fully Laden): 1500t
Internal Capacity (No Drive): 1300t
Retro Thruster Acceleration: 4 Earth G
Main Thruster Acceleration: 8 Earth G
Crew: 10
Gun Mountings: 4
Fuel Scoop: YES
Missile Pylons: 6
Hyperspace Ranges: Class 4: 3.20 Class 5: 5.00 Class 6: 7.20 Class 7: 9.80 Class 8*:16.20
Standard Drive: Class 8
Internal Capacity (With Class 8 Drive): 700t
Typical Cost: 2,474,000
Designer: Gerege Federation Space Works
Manufacturer: Gupta Industrial Corporation
Inservice Date: 3017
Allegiance: Independent

Although it is now getting quite old, the Boa is still an excellent trading ship, if a little unexciting. It is one of the fastest of the very large ships, and has a very large amount of cargo space. In terms of defence and combat capability, the Boa has two turrets to match its front and back lasers (the bottom turret does not now damage the ship). There are plenty of missile pylons available, and, overall a pilot can get quite rich doing trading in a Boa, while remaining very safe even in anarchies.

It is possible to travel quite large distances in the Boa as the large cargo capacity gives plenty of space for fuel, and the fuel scoop means that you can extend your range. The ship is a bit slow for most deliveries, but is especially good for reconnaissance and bombing missions as there is room for a lot of shields and a hull auto-repair system. Boas have even been known to be used by assassins!

I myself have a Boa in FE2, and it has given me many years of good service. If you want a big ship, then you can't go wrong with a Boa!

Rating: ****

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