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The Asp Explorer

Asp Explorer
Picture courtesy of Dylan Smith

Hull Mass: 30t
Mass (Fully Laden): 150t
Internal Capacity (No Drive): 120t
Retro Thruster Acceleration: 7 Earth G
Main Thruster Acceleration: 22 Earth G
Crew: 2
Gun Mountings: 2
Fuel Scoop: YES
Missile Pylons: 1
Hyperspace Ranges: Class 2: 8.00 Class 3: 18.00 Class 4: 32.00
Standard Drive: Class 3
Internal Capacity (With Class 3 Drive): 75t
Typical Cost: 187,000
Designer: GalCop Workshops
Manufacturer: Core Industrial Corporation
Inservice Date: 2878
Allegiance: Independent, Federation

Probably one of the best fighters going, the Asp is ideal for the combat pilot who wants that extra bit of firepower but still have the thruster power to keep up in combat. Asps used to be only available to military pilots, and had special self-destruct devices to prevent unauthorised use. The Explorer is the publicly available version.

To get the best out of this ship, you should really consider getting a military drive, which will allow you more space for equipment or even to fit a bigger drive. When equipped with a Class 3 military drive, the Asp is ideal for courier/passenger runs and most assassination contracts. Only being able to fit one missile can be a disadvantage to the more adventurous combateer, particularly if you do a lot of classified recon or bombing missions as you'll need to keep the pylon free for the nuke.

Rating: ***

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