Lave Station 1
- For the Elite Pilots -

Lave Station

(Starport under construction)

The construction crew have managed to ADD some items. Lave Station is sorry for the inconvenience but all trading starships are directed to the neighbouring star Diso.

This page will, in the end, contain info/cheats/gameplay hints/FAQ's about the game series Elite
and Frontier / FFE. Right now I'm busy getting some graphics from the game for use on this page, and don't expect any Java/ActiveX, Y *or* Z.

In advance, I've put the file-archives on-line (that's what we're here for, aren't we? ;-) so you can access these files.

Note from Jades: Please note that this site is now closed, and that all downloads are unsupported. Some of the files here do not actually work, so if you're after downloads you are better off looking at the main Download Section of my First Encounters Site. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Elite Files:

Link/File name Description Size
Elite icon for Windows Little .ICO drawn by me 366
Elite Plus codes Elite Plus protection codes
(not yet complete)
Docs for Elite Elite manual 31861

Frontier Files:

Link/File name Description Size
Cheat at Frontier A few cheats for Frontier 2291
Frontier crack A replacement .OVL file
that removes the manual
protection in Frontier
Frontier FAQ FAQ of the Amiga version
of Frontier. Applies (mostly)
to the PC version as well.
Frontier bug-patch Replacement .OVL file that
fixes the 'leave MB4 on surface
, leave, and crash' bug.
Bunch of textfiles Textfiles about Frontier (cheats,
newsgroup discussion, etc).
GRF2BMP A program that converts .GRF
files to the more usable .BMP
format (GRF's are produced by
pressing PrtScrn key while playing
Frontier). Thanks to commander
Steve Critchlow for this one.

First Encounters Files (FFF) :-)

Link/File name Description Size
First Encounters FAQ The FAQ File For Frontier
First Encounters (FFFFE) is
written by me and maintained
Bunch of textfiles Some related info on FFE 7527
ForeCol Tool to change the blue space
to BLACK space, like it should

Saved games

Link/File name Description Size
My Elite commander My current Elite stats and rank.
All missions complete, and ELITE status.
Not played in a long time since then.
My Frontier commander My current Frontier pilot, rank
etc. Devoted to the Empire, but a
long time ago since last used..
My rank is Viscount, rating competent.
My FirstEnc commander My First Encounters commander.
This is long after all "exciting"
missions. The ship is Thargoid, the
rank is Seargant, the rating is
competent (I thought..).

More saved games will follow, including ones in 'special' situations, and right before each 'special' mission.

You might also want to read the interviews with mr. Bell and mr. Braben.

end of transmission