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Here you can get links to the various sites that have kept me informed and/or entertained over the years! Yahoo started as a page written by a couple of students to link to their favourite websites, but I'll bet you good money that this page never becomes a multi-million dollar public company...


The Iyonix PC
A brand new, fully 32-Bit, RISC OS computer that is produced by Castle Technology. The Iyonix is the world's first production desktop machine to use the X-Scale processor. Many people's tip to be the future of the platform.

One of a number of companies producing new RISC OS machines following the demise of Acorn. Microdigital's range includes the entry-level Mico and the Omega.

Another one of the companies developing new RISC OS based computers. Riscstation's R7500 is generally thought to be one of the best entry-level RISC OS machines available at the moment.

Risc OS Ltd
The company now responsible for developing and selling the RISC OS operating system, which was created by Acorn.

Manufacturers of the Psion range of palmtop (and sub-notebook) computers.

The BBC Lives!!!
Back in the 1980s, there was only one choice in educational computing - the BBC Micro, made by Acorn. But learning wasn't the only thing you could do, as some of the world's finest games started on the Beeb. Most famous of all is the most influential game of all time - Elite. Visit this page to relive the days when gameplay was king.

Games Companies

PopTop Software
Developers of the excellent Railroad Tycoon 2.

Frontier Developments
The developers of Elite sequels Frontier: Elite 2 and Frontier: First Encounters.

The developers of the Elite-clone X: Beyond the Frontier and its add-on pack - X-Tension.

Gaming Sites

Games Domain
A good website, with reviews, editorials, downloads and more!

The Circle of Stone and Shadow
The best Thief series site out there, loads of useful information and downloads.

Your best bet for information on and downloads for Championship Manager 3.

General Ents

The Rogue Market
Buy and sell shares in celebrities - worth a look! I could have been a millionare if I hadn't sold Spice Girls early...

Sunderland AFC
The official website of Sunderland AFC, the football club that I support.


Google Groups
Formerly known as Deja News, Google Groups allows you to search for past and present Usenet articles. Useful if your news host doesn't carry your favourite groups. FREE!

My Bookmarks
A useful free site, which allows you to create a list of your favourite sites that you can access from anywhere. Worth a look.

Her Majesty's Treasury
The place to which all our tax money goes... Useful if you're doing a subject which has an economics focus.

The Bank of England
One of the few British companies/organisations which literally has a licence to print money!

Friends' Pages

Midnight Hack's Web HQ
The homepage of Midnight Hack, a Russian reader of mine.

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