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What is Frontier: First Encounters?

Frontier: First Encounters is the sequel to the best-selling Frontier: Elite 2 (FE2), which itself was the sequel to the legendary Elite. Published in 1995 by Gametek, it initially shot to number one in the charts in its first few weeks, but was found to have a large number of bugs. Because of this, sales began to fall dramatically with many copies being returned, and Gametek withdrew the game from the shops. A number of patches have been released, the latest of which, V1.06, fixes almost all of the most obvious bugs.

In terms of gameplay, FFE is a lot like its predecessor, Frontier, but with improved graphics, most noticeable of which is the 3D planets and terrain. Set 50 years after FE2, there are a number of new ships, new equipment and the return of the dreaded Thargoids, who were sadly (!) missing from FE2 (although rumours persist that there is a solitary Thargoid hiding somewhere in FE2, backed up by the existence of an actual Thargoid-shaped ship which you can fly by hacking the game). There are now five newspapers, which report events in the galaxy in their own styles and from their own viewpoints, and often keep an eye on your actions too.

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