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Welcome to Jades' Elite Four Page, by Graham "Jades" Thurlwell! This site, the first Elite Four site on the World Wide Web, is dedicated to the latest installment in the Elite series of space sims. I'll be giving you the latest news I get on the progress being made on getting the game ready for release, and when the game actually comes put and I get a copy you can expect the depth and detail that you currently find on my Frontier First Encounters Site.

This page is for you, the Elite fans, and depends on your support, so if you have any comments, by all means E-mail me. I welcome praise, (constructive) criticism or just about anything you fancy mailing me about since it helps to remind me that there are people reading the pages ;-) If the info you want isn't on this site, then give me a quick mail. Also, why not sign my guestbook?

Email address: elite4@jades.org

Please note that most of this site has been taken down due to stale (and, in some cases, inaccurate) content. Apologies to those of you who've been waiting ages for an update. I hope to have a better version of this website uploaded within the next few months, but this will depend on my University workload (most important of which is my dissertation).

The main reason for the lack of updates is that there is virtually no reliable information on the game available to the public. However, David Braben confirmed on alt.fan.elite that the game is in development.

Frontier Development's website is back up, and may contain more info on Elite 4 in the future.

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What is Elite Four?
Taking the question at its most literate, Elite 4 is a large chunk of Beta-Test code on David Braben's hard drive (as opposed to Frontier: First Encounters, which has been described as a large chunk of Beta-Test code on customers' hard drives...).

Adding more detail to that rather quick summary, Elite Four is the eagerly awaited third sequel to Elite, the legendary space 'simulation' written for the BBC Micro by Ian Bell and David Braben way back in 1984.

Fourteen years after the release of Elite, David Braben (without Ian Bell) and his development company, Frontier Developments, are working on the latest installment in the series.

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