Elite Combat Ratings Comparisons

This file contains the combat rating details for all the various versions of Elite, and is in response to my recent discovery that ArcElite's ranks are significantly harder than some versions of Elite. The details contained in here are probably correct, and the sources are given in the notes section at the bottom.

RatingOriginal (*1)FE2 & FFE (*2)ArcElite (*3)
Mostly Harmless2450
Below Average (*4)N/A16N/A
Above Average44641,500
Very Deadly (*5)N/AN/A8,000

* Notes

  1. 'Original' refers to all versions of Elite 1 except ArcElite. Figures officially confirmed by Ian Bell.
  2. The FE2 figures come from the April 1994 edition of the Amiga FE2 FAQ by Christopher Tietz, and the FFE figures have been confirmed by George Hooper.
  3. Corrected figures, checked by editing save. EliteHack's figures were slightly out.
  4. This rank only exists in FE2 and FFE.
  5. Very Deadly only appears in ArcElite.

"What's it mean then?"

As you can see above, there is a considerable difference between the ratings systems. An Arc Elite pilot who has reached Deadly is actually as good as an FE2 pilot who is rated Elite. Were the ArcElite commander be magically ported to FE2, his rating would shoot up due to the extra kills. On the other hand, a commander who had become Elite on FE2 would be horrified to see his rating slump to Deadly were he port his commander to Arc Elite.