Jades' Acorn Cheats Page

Welcome to my Acorn cheats page! When I was younger, I played a lot of games on the Acorn Archimedes, and created a number of files which allowed you to cheat at various games. This page collects several of them together so that you can download. In the future, I'll also include information on how the cheats were produced.

Hacker Cheats

There's a program called Desktop Hacker, produced by DoggySoft, which allowed people to hack into memory and change various in-game values like money and lives. You could either use Hacker itself to edit memory everytime you played, or use the program to create stand-alone modules which you could load before the game and activate the cheats by pressing a key combination (usually ALT-<letter>). I created quite a few modules, some of which are now available for download from this page.

Please note that these cheat modules were written and tested on an Acorn A5000. I cannot vouch for their performance on more recent (Risc PC and above) machines, so make sure that all of your work is saved before loading them!

cheatmds.zip(10 Kbytes)

New Dreadnoughts ships and scenarios!

These files are for the Acorn version of Dreadnoughts, the naval strategy game from Turcan Research Systems. When I got a little bored, I looked at the various files for Dreadnoughts in !Edit, and found out that the scenarios where very easy to change, so I experimented with putting in different ships. I had a look at the WS-1914 file as well, but was discouraged by the fact that although many of the statistics were easy to understand, the code numbers which described the ship's shape looked a little difficult. However, after a lot of experimentation I created a number of ships of my own!

dreads.zip (7 Kbytes)

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